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Learn how to budget and save your money, pay off debts with our money saving challenges, monthly budget planners, expense trackers and daily to-do-lists.

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✓ Keep Track Of Spending
✓ Motivates You To Save
✓ Build Better Spending Habits
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Start your money saving journey with this Money Saving Challenges book
Our best selling money saving challenges book is dedicated to making your saving and budgeting experience fun! There are over 30+ money saving challenges, journal prompts, motivation and much more.
68 pages filled with over 30+ money saving challenges, debt and saving trackers, money manifestation motivations, financial goal planning, emergency, self-care, body makeover saving funds and much more.
Master your finances with our money saving challenges, budget planners, debt and expense trackers that help you save, budget, pay off debts and start living your abundant, dream life!
The money saving challenges included range from $300-$20,000. You're sure to become an organized, financially responsible "rich girl" with this fun, adult money savings digital workbook.
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Budget Baddies - Money Savings Challenge Workbook (Digital)

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